Monday, 13 August 2007

Holiday Blues!!!!!!!!

Its back to work after 2 brilliant weeks off - and I've got the holiday blues. We had a week in the sun. There was definitely lots of sun, we played in the sea and walked on the sand, and had our fair share of holiday sex!!!

I'm always horny, but it was my mission to make this holiday hornier than ever!!! And I wasn't disappointed. My man came up with the goods every time, from the first few minutes in the hotel room together. It was only minutes until we were naked on the bed together - we started with me on top, holding on to the big wooden head board and then like we had dreamt of all year, we turned sideways towards the big full length wall mirrors while he took me from behind. We both loved watching the view and I loved it when he pushed me down onto the bed when he pulled his big hard cock out of me and his cum sprayed up my back and across my bum.

I was horny all week and we made love and fucked in the morning, after lunch, and in bed at night. My pussy throbbed when I was lying on the sun beds by the pool and would look to my side and see him lying there. His body browning in the sun and eyeing up his package in his gorgeous skimpy trunks. I wanted to just pull him up by the hand and drag him to the room where in the cool of the air con I would ride his cock till we both came.

I have to admit though that during the week I had two of my most intense and out of this world orgasm. The first was while he was on top- WOW I was so turned on and I cam so so so good. and then the second was when he was licking my pussy. To be fair he had been licking and sucking me for ages and I kept thinking I was coming but it just kept building up, until I cam so good. But hey I wasn't the only one having all the fun. I had a real appetite while I was away - i had a real taste for cock - and most mornings I would catch him coming out the shower and give him an early morning treat - I would slowly run my tongue up and down his huge shaft and then run my tongue over the very tip of his cock, before kissing it and then running my lips all the way down to his balls. I repeated this one night on the balcony - which is something I have always wanted to do along with when after having a splash in the sea we got all horny so i wrapped my legs around his body and pushed my bikini pants to one side. i felt him pull his cock out his trunks and I lowered my self on to him and gently rocked back and forth until I came!!!! it was an awesome experience!!!!

Now we are back home - but last night we had a romantic early night - we spent time just kissing one another, feeling each others body before I got on top and made love. I just really wanted to make him come - I had a real urge to hear him coming, for him to tell me it was so good that he was going to cum. He got on top of me and started thrusting faster and faster. i could feel him getting bigger and bigger and when he came he just lay on top of me kissing me.

I woke up this morning feeling so good - i knew i had to get up and go to work - but i just rolled over and grabbed hold of him and held him close to me - he wrapped his arms around me and I felt like i was in heaven!!!

I'm home alone now, just waiting for him to come home - i want to cuddle up together. He doesn't have to say anything - but just hold me in his arms, stroke my hair, and run kisses down by neck.

Fucking is awesome - it can be fast, hard, dirty - but what makes it so good with someone is when you have that connection - where you can collapse in one anothers arms after a good session - when you can get lost in one anothers eyes - what makes it special is. . . Love!!!

Its back to normality now and everything that normal day to day life brings. But I know that one thing is guaranteed - that I will certainly have fun reenacting my holiday fun!!!!!

Any ideas on how to beat the holiday blues????????

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Oral Exercise

I'm back in dieting mode again - i think it is because holidays are looming closer and I say it every year but i really want to look hot in my bikini!!! So it is 6 weeks and counting now to tone up and get fit!!! No idea of how to achieve this though!!!! The ultimate way to get fit has got to be the sex-ercise theory!!! Talking of which I have to confess that just lately I really can't get enough of sucking my partners cock. - I want it all the time - i go to bed wanting it, wake up wanting it and think about it all day long!!! I just love sucking him off from soft and feeling his cock get harder and harder - and then i love concentrating on the tip and head of his cock and wrapping my lips around it while i look up at him!!! I have the real urge as well for him to take photos of me or film me doing this!!!

My efforts are always well received as his cock is normally that hard after that i get such a good fuck!!! I have also been treated well lately and had by pussy licked so good - in fact the other night i wanted it that bad that i climbed up the bed from sucking his cock and put my legs either side of his head and lowered myself down onto him while he licked and sucked my pussy - i held on to the head board so tight as i came again and again.

So my sex-ercise campaign starts today - so this means hotter, steamer and harder sex is on the agenda!!!

What do you think I should include in my get fit campaign!!???

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


Well absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder as well as my partner's cock even bigger!!!! Have been away with work and got back last night. We were both tired when he got in from work at about midnight - we were in bed enjoying a cuddle when I slid my hand down onto his cock and ran my fingers over his balls - which he loves. I teased him by pushing my hand into his briefs but just not quite touching his now throbbing cock - until I couldn't resist any longer - I just wanted to feel his big thick cock in my hand. I stroked the full length of it and rubbed by fingers over the tip over and over again. Finally he said god you have got to ride me now.

I got on top of him and pulled the covers over is - we kissed and i rubbed my pussy over his cock before reaching down and pushing him inside me. There is no better feeling than going down on his cock. I lent up and let the covers fall off me while he ran his hands all the way down the side of my body and resting on my breasts - he lent up towards me and licked my nipples and breasts - and this made his cock go even deeper inside me. I came so good as he held on to hips pushing me down on him.

I wanted more and more so kept riding him coming again and again. Until I wanted him to get on top of me and fuck me hard and fast. His cock was so big and as he started to cum I could feel it throbbing, getting thicker and thicker. I came just as he pulled his cock out and sprayed his cum all over my breasts.

We collapsed on the bed - but I woke up with that horny as hell feeling this morning and can't wait to jump into bed tonight - i have got a feel taste for cock tonight and I know someone who is going to be on the receiving end of one fucking awesome blow job later!!!

Hmmmm - what better way to relax in bed????

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Back in the groove!!

Its been a while since my last post - mainly due to the fact that I have been mad busy at work and just don't know where the weeks have gone - so here's a quick catch up;

Been trying to lose more weight - but have in fact managed to put some on!!

Gone back to trying to run - one to try and help me lose the weight and secondly I have volunteered myself to be part of a charity run with a team at work!!! - thought it was a good idea at the time - but now think I might make a feel fool of myself!!!

Have joined a tennis club - again for a couple of reasons - firstly I love tennis and always have and wanted to get back into it - but also to try and get myself involved in something that wasn't work and maybe make some friends - however I am yet to meet anyone under 50!

Have been under some mad pressure at work - so many things to do and worried that I am not doing enough - but I have tried to put the time in and do a good job - suppose i have been rewarded for my efforts - when I received a bonus and a pay rise the other day!!

and finally SEX!!! - where do I begin - with both of us being so busy at work you might think that this would be the last thing on our agenda - but i have lived up to my reputation for being a sex mad female - and have wanted cock even more so - to be honest it energises me and gives me confidence. So I have be a little persistent and a little demanding when it comes to bedtime activities!!!!

I have been so horny today - so much so that I had to have some help getting me out of some new trousers I was trying on this morning - which ended up with me perching on the end of the bed while he took me from the behind - we were well and truly getting into this - when we heard some banging from next door - so thought we would cool it down and pick it up again later. I have been begging for it ever since to be honest and I can't wait till I can climb on top of him in bed tonight and ride his cock. I want him to go down to the end of the bed so his legs are touching the floor - don't ask me why it is good like this - but I cum so damn good when we do it like this and just recently he has too in the is position - god by pussy is throbbing right now - i really want it now - or at least put my fingers on my clit and make myself cum thinking of it!!!

Well I have a ton of things to get done before it is bedtime - so I suppose the sooner there done the sooner i get cock!!!!!

My thoughts are also on what fun I can get up to now the nice spring weather has come - any one got any naughty springtime sex tip to share????

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Weekend of Fun!!!

Well I can't believe it is Thursday already - the week has just flown by and I have been meaning to blog every night this week!! Last weekend was the weekend I went away - so to be honest we have both been pretty exhausted all week after spending several hours of the early morning shagging!! - but hey i think I can live with that!!!

I couldn't wait to get off the plane and get to our hotel - we caught a train from the airport to the city centre and we had some pretty passionate snogs on the way as the carriage was completely empty. I just knew that when we got to the hotel room we would want to fuck straight away. So we booked in and had ourselves a quick snack and drink before we tested out the bed - to be honest I just wanted a good hard fuck - it had been building up inside me all day - we had exchanged glances and looks with each other and we both just wanted to fuck. It didn't take me long to cum with his cock so hard inside me. He was on top and I ran my nails down his back and held onto his shoulders - I kept looking up at him seeing his face concentrating so hard at pumping his cock in and out of me without making himself cum. But I was in the mood to hear him cum good style!!! So I squeezed my pussy tight around his cock which I knew would feel so good on his cock. He started fucking me faster and faster and I kept asking him if that was good - and that I could feel his hard cock throbbing inside me - he was so big by now and I told him that - which just made his cock even harder. His face showed pure pleasure when he pulled his cock out at the last minute and I gently wanked him as he came all over me. He lent over to me and kissed me so gently and passionately - it was a great moment. We were into the early hours of the morning by now and so both collapsed onto the bed in each other arms.

The next morning we got up later than we wanted which threw our plans a little - but we got ourselves together - shared a shower - for time saving purposes of course!!!! and then we were both getting ready in the room when we was stood drying his hair in front of this huge full length mirror - we was naked and I ceased the opportunity to take him by surprise - I went up to him knelt down and started sucking his cock - the hair drier went off and he placed his hands on my head - which i took as a sign of approval!!!! As I sucked a ran my tongue round the tip of his cock - still soft i pulled back his foreskin and concentrated my lips around the head of his cock - i could taste his pre cum as his cock got harder and harder and he moaned - I looked up to see him looking in the mirror watching me naked on my knees while he aided my motion with his hands on my head. But i didn't want to make him cum yet - I was going to be a tease all day!! We got ourselves back on schedule - until it was his turn to take me by surprise telling me to pull down my jeans and pants and lean over the chair - being a good girl i obeyed my orders immediately!!! He unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock, gave it a few wanks so as it was nice and hard for me and then took me from behind - i held onto the chair hard as he pounded my arse - he made me cum so good - he was about to pull out when I said i wanted more - so he pulled me hard against him and took me again - me looking over my shoulder at him holding on to arse so that i was tight against his cock!!! We both left the room with a smile on our faces and took advantage of the empty lift pushing me against the wall and snogging me!!!

We went out for the night and I got a little bit merry!!! resulting in us both crashing on the bed when we got in - the next morning he got up before me and was heading for the shower when I called him back. I was lying on top of the covers with nothing on and my legs well and truly spread open and ready for action - i asked him did he fancy a ride - it took no persuading him - he jumped straight on the bed and we fucked - he said he couldn't resist seeing me lying there ready to receive his cock in my pussy!!! We were both horny all day and even tried finding a quiet place in the park for me to suck his cock!!! But I managed to hold out till we had landed back in the UK and were home tucked up in bed - I told him the holiday was not over yet as I slide down under the duvet and gave him another awesome blow job!!!

It was a great weekend - fuelled with hornyness and naughtiness - my favourite combination!!! He is working mega late tonight but promised he a treat when he slips into bed next to me later - and I said if he was a really lucky boy - I would send him some naughty photos to his phone just to make sure he got in the mood!!

We are home this weekend - but hey I'm not going to let that stop me from getting dirty with my fella and doing some serious fucking - what do you think???

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The Joys of Driving!!!!

Had a mad week - no time for even getting near the computer to blog - but boy have I got some hot action to report in for you!! So sorry for the lack of blogs.

Had a busy weekend so we like to wind down on a Sunday night - we go for a drink in our normal place - we were fairly early so the place was dead and we got a great spot on the leather settee by the big TV screen (the football was on - so he was happy!!!) We sat and relaxed with a drink - but all I wanted was to get home so we could jump in bed. We had both nearly finished our drinks when I caught him eyeing me up and down. I don't know what it is but when he gives he a certain look - that tells me he wants me - I get mega turned on. There is nothing like getting that look from him - it has got to be my ultimate turn on - I know he wants to get into my pants and fuck me. Actually I had been teasing him all day with texts about how I wanted him and telling him I was wearing little white panties all ready for him to pull down and take me.

We left the pub and headed home. When we pulled up on the drive we both sat in the car in silence - he looked at me and sat don't open the door - I looked at him and he said fancy having a fuck on the back seat!!! Now I am always trying to tempt him to have sex while we are out - as it is something I would just get a real buzz out of. He didn't need to ask twice!! He climbed over into the back while I slide my jeans and boots off. I climbed over to join him and got onto his lap - his cock was already hard and I lifted myself up, pulled my panties to one side and he slide his cock inside me!!! Oh god it was so good - knowing we were doing it somewhere we shouldn't be and I was able to easily slide up and down his cock until I came!! We were on our second go when the light of next doors came on!!! So we decided to take it indoors and carry on. and we did!!! In fact we hadn't got past the kitchen when we pushed me against the cupboards and licked my pussy!! Next we went into the bedroom and jumped in bed - By now all I could think of was sucking his cock -- but we decided to use some warming lube - which I rubbed into his cock and balls and when I blew on him - he just moaned with delight!! But I couldn't hold out any more - i just needed to taste his cock and pre cum in my mouth so I slide down and started to tease the tip of his cock with my tongue. I just wanted to suck the tip of his cock with my lips firmly around his cock - moving my tongue over the tip again and again as i sucked. He was pretty turned on by the time I pushed the whole of his cock into my mouth, wanking him at the same time. His cock was seriously hard - in fact it was probably the hardest I have ever seen it!! so i wasn't wasting any of it - I jumped on top of him and rode his cock fast and hard while he help onto my hips pushing me down. I came so good at least a couple of time before he wanted me to get on my back so he could now bang me. As soon as he put his cock into my pussy he started fucking me fast - and it he wanted to cum - so he kept slowing down - building it up - until at last he pulled his cock out and covered by stomach and breasts with his white cum.

The joys of driving!! Something I can guarantee we will performing again...SOON!!!

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Photo Fun

Well we had some more photo fun last night - I've left you with a few images!!

Hope you enjoy???